Feel more comfortable with GNL - the first shoe with 360° cushioning

Ingeniously easy on the joints

Prevent and alleviate discomfort
Against tired legs

Kick off without loss of energy

More power thanks to retractable cushioning

Do you want to feel more comfortable while walking?

GNL shoes: test winners - up to 30% more cushioning in comparison tests. An ingenious Swiss invention.

Comfortable. Healthy. Easy. Nice.

Against tired legs. For the prevention and relief of pain in the feet and joints caused by wear and tear, injuries and malformations. For regeneration for runners.

The health shoe. Walk like on forest floor. Everywhere.

Millions people suffer from foot, knee, hip and back problems and injuries. Treading hard floors leads to wear and tear suffering for many. How can this be avoided?

The 16 retractable cushioning elements of the GNL shoe sole cushion your footsteps in all directions. As a result, you walk everywhere as if you were walking on the forest floor. The result: Feel good and more protection against wear and tear and pain. Many existing pains are alleviated. Studies by leading laboratories show: up to 30% more cushioning of the GNL shoes compared to comparable shoe models.

In addition, the movable cushioning elements keep your foot and leg muscles in easy movement. Even when standing. This strengthens, refreshesand works against tired legs. Due to the thin, flat sole when stepping, you use less energy for your steps and stand more stable.

Move healthy

4 reasons for the GNL shoe

The GNL shoe combines optimal joint protection, powerful foot kick without loss of energy, strengthening and relaxation of the walking muscles as well as < strong>better circulation of the feet with fashion. It promotes your healthy posture and your natural gait. GNL: Developed for your wellbeing.


«The GNL shoe with its innovative sole is the best development since the invention of the shoe. This is the first shoe that cushions ideally in all directions and at the same time strengthens the muscles. As a result, walking in GNL shoes effectively reduces and prevents pain in the walking apparatus. Best combined with a wholesome diet that keeps tissue and bones healthy.»

Dr. med. Wolfgang Kiess

«Since I've been wearing the GNL almost every day in class, my calves are much less tense. So I don't just wear the GNL shoes because they are comfortable, but also because they are good for me

Brigitte McMahon, Olympic Champion Triathlon 2000

«I had a surgery on my left foot for a heel problem. That was also planned for the right foot. Since I've been wearing the GNL shoes, my pain has gone. The operation was no longer necessary. I say to my runners from the Swiss National Marathon Team: "Do active foot training and wear GNL shoes as passive foot training in your free time."»

Luigi Nonella, longtime national coach of the Swiss marathon runners

«I wear theGNL shoes every day; because the lightness of the GNL shoes convinces me. As I move across the  sixteen 3D elements, my body feels aligned and stable."

Fiammetta Troxler, long-distance runner

GNL Classics

Versatile in leisure and work. The sporty, elegant GNL Classics made of Italian smooth leather and suede. Also in many smooth leather variations.

Leather shoes »

GNL Hiker

Made of waterproof leather and nubuck leather. For outdoor adventures and in cold weather. Joint protection for hill and dale.

Leather Hikers »

GNL Water-Line

Shoes for indoor and warm days. Breathable, temperature-regulating textile fabric. In many colors.

Textile shoes »
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«Trendy and high-quality shoes... really healthy»

Health technology

How does the GNL work?

Ideal joint protection on hard floors


Powerful foot kick - relaxed muscles


The history of the invention »

Our philosophy

Fair & Resolable

Resoling »

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Maximum cushioning and strengthening of the foot.
Minimal loss of energy when pushing off the ground.
Probably the greatest and beautifulhealthshoe.


Circus Mugg presents


The team from the Swiss circus Mugg presents the Waterline textile series in red and yellow, the leather shoes Liquorice Black and Earthline Black from the shoe brand GNL.