Relaxed from Toe to Head

Who doesn't want it: always being relaxed and feeling good. The GNL shoes help our feet and walking muscles to relax. But the rest of the body also wants to enjoy relaxation. The most effective ways to relax the body and mind are yoga exercises and meditation, methods developed in India thousands of years ago. Professor Dr. Andreas Michalsen proves the effectiveness of yoga exercises in his book "Healing with the Power of Nature" with scientific studies. He writes in the paragraph Yoga - often more effective than sport and physiotherapy: "Through yoga, the chest and breathing can be freed up again and a pleasant body feeling can be restored."

Tensions arise when we strain muscles too much over a longer period of time or due to incorrect posture. Fear, nervousness and stress also lead to tension, especially in the neck and shoulder muscles and in the respiratory muscles. When there is tension, the muscles remain contracted instead of expanding again. As a result, the muscles are less supplied with blood and metabolic waste accumulates in them. The muscles become painful and we no longer feel well.

Yoga stretches tense muscles. It's a bit painful at first. But step by step, the muscles relax by stretching and then relaxing, as is common in yoga. The stretched muscles become warm because more blood flows through them again and we feel pleasantly relaxed. Yoga exercises are so effective because all tense muscles in the body can be stretched and relaxed as a result of targeted exercises. At the same time, breathing and all movements are brought into natural harmony.

Yoga senkt Cortisolwert im Speichel

Under stress, the cortisol levels in the blood and saliva are too high. If we practice yoga exercises daily for a few weeks, they will approach normal. This was shown by Professor Dr. Michalsen and his team in one Study in 2005.

But yoga exercises, also called asanas, only relax the body. The way to stem the flood of thoughts and worries is meditation. Those who practice meditation regularly will experience more and more inner peace and joie de vivre. An inner strength builds up, which brings serenity and self-confidence. A good meditation guide by the very experienced meditation master Sri Chinmoy can be found at Meditation-Kurs.Info.


When you discover that you have tension, the best thing to do is to combine yoga exercises and meditation. But how? Sri Chinmoy explains very clearly in The Body - The Fortress of Humanity: "It is better to do the hatha yoga postures before meditation. After the hatha yoga postures, please rest for about fifteen minutes by lying down and meditating afterwards. If you do hatha yoga exercises, please do no more than five or six exercises a day. Those who meditate daily should not exceed about half an hour for hatha yoga You can do some basic exercises every day and add some others, but you should not spend more than half an hour on it.If you do hatha yoga for an hour and a half and then want to meditate, it will be extremely difficult for you to get into meditation to enter."

Sri Chinmoy in Meditation